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Tristan Wimmer

Since January 2020, Tristan has led his non-profit, 22 Jumps, from ideation to an organization with a bi-coastal reach that has raised $150K+ in small donations across five fundraising events. Tristan is a Senior Analyst in the consumer banking industry, the principal of Morpho Capital, and co-lead for ENRICH: Brain Health After TBI — a four-year Congressionally Directed Medical Study Research Program being led by the Mount Sinai Brain Injury Research Center. Tristan recently earned an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently pursuing a MS in Analytics through Texas A&M University.

Prior to his current ventures, Tristan: worked in commercial real estate as a project manager and principal; designed, implemented, and led physical security solutions for the US Department of State; volunteered as a SAR tech and AEMT for Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association; served as a scout sniper team leader, infantryman, and weapons instructor in 2nd Battalion 1st Marines.

When Tristan is not working or doing something athletic outdoors, he is usually swinging a hammer on gentrification projects, reading non-fiction books while drinking French press coffee, traveling with his wife and daughter, or being a mentor for other veteran entrepreneurs. 

Dusty Gebhardt

Dusty is originally from Mechanicsville, MD and has been in the Army for 12 years.  He served one tour to Afghanistan and is currently serving his 7th year on the Army Parachute Team Golden Knights. During his tenure of the Golden Knights team, he has performed duties as a demonstrator, videographer, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Competitor and Rigger.

When Dusty isn’t jumping out of planes for the U.S. Army, you can find him attached to a parachute in some form or fashion, as air sports are his passion. His other hobbies include working on anything that has a motor, building “cool things”, boating, and other outdoor recreational activities. Dusty lives in a school bus with his girlfriend and their three dogs.

Trenton Sowell

Trent Sowell is based out of Houston, Texas and is an experienced audit professional having worked within a Big4 audit, assurance, and advisory practice with more than 5 years of experience auditing numerous private and public fortune 500 companies in industries such as financial services, fintech, power and utilities, real estate investment, and more. He holds his Master of Science in Accounting from The University of Texas at Dallas and is a certified internal auditor and soon to be certified public accountant in the state of Texas. In his spare time, he is an avid cyclist, off-roader, espresso maker, and hiker conquering numerous trails between Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and California.

Meghan Rodgers

As 22 Jumps’ Chief Communications Officer, Meghan does more than wrangle commas. With an M.A. in Journalism, she brings to the team more than a decade and a half of multimedia content creation and editorial experience. Meghan has worked as a graphic designer, photographer, managing editor, branded content writer and more for some of the largest news providers in Pennsylvania. Meghan currently owns her own business, Prismatik Media, and loves helping her clients share stories in the most compelling way. Her most popular services include writing and media consulting. 

When Meghan isn’t working with words, you can find her traveling, underwater teaching SCUBA diving or baking delicious homemade pies that she and her husband Tristan swear they’ll “run off” the next day. 

Adam Krum

Adam Krum is the Chief Safety Officer for 22 Jumps, as well as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps having served two tours in Iraq. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in professional aviation at Utah Valley University and works part-time as a skydiving instructor. Adam is certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration as a parachute rigger and a private pilot. Adam has been instrumental in managing and maintaining the 100% successful safety record for 22 Jumps since its founding in 2020 and has a strong drive to help the nonprofit succeed in honor of the many active-duty and veteran friends he has lost over the years to mental health and suicide.

David Whiteman

David has over 14 years’ experience in event marketing, experiential marketing and product launches; having an opportunity to work with a wide variety of fortune 500 companies throughout his professional career. Managing nationwide tours for large brands has provided David with a unique skillset. David specializes in product launches and relationship building. When he is not working or traveling for work, David is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised in Arizona, David has a unique relationship with the state of Arizona. Growing up hiking and trail running eventually lead to running off mountains with parachutes! The sport of BASE jumping and its beautiful community brought David to 22 Jumps. He also jumps out of perfectly good airplanes, loves going fast on his motorcycle, loves a good 4×4 excursion in his Tacoma with friends and spending time as the “funcle” – (the fun uncle) to his nieces and nephews.

Drew Thomas

Since 2014, Drew Thomas has been involved in the coordination and management of federally funded grant and contract research across a variety of focus areas including Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicide Prevention, Urologic Oncology, Cardiology, Medical Simulation, Austere Telemedicine, and Lifestyle Medicine. This work has been focused on direct collaboration with he armed services, primarily the Army and Navy, conducted at military treatment facilities across North America and Europe. Drew is an experienced leader within the federal grant management and research sectors seeking to further the mission and impact of 22 Jumps. Through the application of his skillset, Drew seeks to allow for more direct research involvement of 22 Jumps by opening pathways for the organization to sponsor and collaborate on high-impact  research relevant to the organization’s mission. Drew holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, along with his PMP and CCRC certifications.

Drew has always held a close proximity to the military growing up with parents who served in both active duty and contractor positions within the DoD for 25+ years leading him to seek ways to give back through research and volunteer work. In his free time Drew’s hobbies include BASE jumping, hiking, cooking, and spending time with his wife Eden and their two dogs Rocko and Finnigan.  As a recent transplant to Arizona as of 2022, he has uprooted from life in the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of discovering what the American Southwest has to offer.

Corinne Bartschi

Corinne graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, with a Master of Nursing Degree. She has been a Nurse Practitioner since 2008. She is completing her Doctorate Degree in Nursing Practice in May 2022 from the University of Utah. She is a part owner of a private pediatric practice in Twin Falls, ID. Corinne also seems patients at The Wellness Tree, a free clinic, and serves on The Wellness Tree board. 22 Jumps holds a special place in Corinne’s heart, as she helped her daughter Savannah organize the 2021 event at the Perrine Bridge for Savannah’s senior project. Corinne wants to continue to be involved as she is passionate about the mission of 22 Jumps, her brother’s experience in the Army, and her daughter’s goals to join and fly for the Navy. For fun, Corinne likes to skydive, be outdoors, and spend time with her husband, daughter and puppies.

Elliot Kim

Elliot Kim is an experienced finance professional with a background in M&A, corporate finance, and supporting early-stage startups. He is currently an analyst at Cascade Partners, a middle market investment bank based in Detroit. Elliot cofounded BandSavvy LLC, an EdTech startup, which was recently acquired by J.W. Pepper, the world’s largest distributor of sheet music. Prior to working in finance, Elliot was an environmental geologist at Rex Energy providing technical support for oil and gas operations. Elliot holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology and is completing his Master of Business Administration in Finance & Strategy from the University of Pittsburgh.

Adam Ghannoum

Adam graduated with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the University of Akron. He has spent the entirety of his career with Swagelok Company, an industrial fluid system provider. Based out of Washington State, Adam is currently a regional field engineer for Swagelok Northwest, supporting Oregon, Washington and Alaska. For fun Adam enjoys BASE Jumping, hiking and remote camping.

Benjamin Pitassi

Ben Pitassi is active duty military currently serving with the Navy Parachute Team. He has deployed 7 times to various parts of the world during his career.  Ben is passionate about helping his fellow service members and founded The Uplift Union in 2019, a non profit centered around adaptive paragliding.  Ben is 38 years old and is married to his wife Jen, who serves as a firefighter for San Diego City Fire Department. With retirement approaching, Ben plans to make working for non profits a main focus in his life. 

Ben’s hobbies include BASE jumping, speed flying, paragliding, skiing, surfing, muay thai, BJJ, paramotoring and motorcycle riding as a way of spending time with friends and family. 

Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee is the founder of Daedal, which advises alternative investment managers on business development and capital raising strategy. Prior to this she was the Asia Pacific Head of Capital Services for Credit Suisse, focused on assisting the bank’s hedge fund client base with the development and implementation of global capital raising plans. There she was also a member of the APAC Equities recruitment team, APAC lead for the Equity Division’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts, and a founding member of the 100 Women in Finance’s Education Committee (HK).

Deborah is a University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia University graduate and her previous board experience includes Harvest Home Farmers Market, NYC  (2016-19). Harvest Home Farmer’s Market is a NYC-based non-profit with a mission to provide low-income communities in NYC’s “food deserts” access to farm-fresh produce and educational programming to achieve healthier lifestyles.

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan (Jon-o) graduated from New York University with a degree in Finance and has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. He has spent most of his career in the secondary financial markets for residential mortgages having been a Director at MCT Trading and the Chief Risk Officer of Mortgage Country. Jon-o is currently a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. In his spare time Jon-o skydives, BASE jumps, flies planes and runs with the Back On My Feet organization.

Matt Abramson

Matt Abramson is currently a Consultant at Boston Consulting Group. He was previously an Engagement Manager in Aspirant’s Strategy & Transformation practice. Matt helps clients to design and then implement their future states through strategy development & strategic planning, transformation strategy & road mapping, organizational & operating model design, and more. He has a background in chemical engineering and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business. Matt is a 2021 Pittsburgh 30 under 30, receiving the honor from the Pittsburgh Business Times and Leadership Pittsburgh, Inc. who each year recognizes 30 leaders under the age of 30 who have demonstrated outstanding professional successes while also contributing to the broader community.

Marcus Elison

Marcus was born (Oct, 1984) in Oak Hill, WV, next door to the New River Gorge Bridge. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force, serving both active duty (2004-2008) and in the WV Air National Guard (2008-2012). As a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in geology (2011), Marcus has worked in various industries including, resource extraction, water quality and resources, and hydro electric facilities. Marcus is the BASE jumping organizer for the largest single day extreme sports event in the world, Bridge Day in Fayetteville, WV. He started skydiving in 2007, BASE jumping in 2008, and began organizing Bridge Day in 2015. Other things Marcus enjoys are flying airplanes, skiing, bow hunting, rock climbing, cooking, camping, building things, and the outdoors in general!

Dr. Nicole Harmon

Dr. Nicole Harmon is a PhD-trained therapist with over 20 years of experience in psychology, philanthropy, patient advocacy, public health, and clinical research. She is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB), a non-profit 501(c)(3) biomedical research and technology organization dedicated to advancing brain health by fast-tracking precision diagnostics and tailored therapeutics..

Prior to joining CVB, Dr. Harmon served as a leader for several non-profit organizations focused on health advocacy and improving research standards and care. Her most recent role as Chief Operating Officer for Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC), a global consensus-based standards development organization and the FDA’s partner for data standards. During her tenure there she transformed CDISC’s financial roadmaps, program management and global brand. Additionally, she developed and managed complex partnerships with leading U.S and International governmental funding partners.

Theresa Nafis

Theresa Nafis graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. She is an active-duty Marine Corps pilot and flies the F-35B for VMFAT-502. Before flying F-35Bs, Theresa spent five years as a Weapons and Systems Operator in the F/A-18D. She was stationed in Japan and deployed to various countries throughout the Pacific. She is also one of the first women to ever earn a Combat MOS; she served a year in the infantry as a Forward Air Controller with 1st LAR Battalion before transitioning to the F-35B. Theresa is passionate about improving the mental health care that is provided to active duty military and veterans and is excited to be a part of the 22 Jumps team. Theresa’s hobbies include BASE jumping, skydiving, snowboarding, surfing, road biking and spending time with her dog Josie. 

Chris Carnahan

Chris Carnahan is a former Army Ranger having deployed multiple times to both Afghanistan and Iraq during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.  Chris is currently a Police Officer for the City of Los Angeles having served over 15 years in patrol while assigned to South Central Los Angeles. He is an avid Base Jumper and also enjoys skydiving, paramotor, paragliding, motorcycles, paddle-boarding, and scuba diving. Chris is excited to help 22Jumps expand it’s message to include members of the first responder community who deal with the trauma of mental health and suicide on a daily basis

Katie Perrine

Katie Perrine’s experience ranging from theater to firearms, Perrine’s skill sets are as broad as her hobbies. From working with Ron Miziker, former VP of Disney and creator of staples such as the Main St Electric Light Parade and the Disney Channel, to a two-year stint leading marketing strategy for the Scottsdale Gun Club, Perrine’s versatility and out-of the-box thinking bring a new edge to the defense and nonprofit industries. Perrine is a Tennessee native, raised on good horses, good guns, and a heavy dose of self-reliance. When she isn’t creating artfully-integrated strategies, she can be found skydiving in Arizona with some of our nation’s elite operators or on horseback in the mountains of Wyoming.

Perrine currently sits on the Board of Mission2Alpha, 22Jumps and Second Chance K9 supporting Military and First Responders.

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