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2023 NEWS

BASE Jumping for a purpose

22 Jumps “Parachuting With Purpose” at Bridge Day

22 Jumps Fundraiser 2023 - Twin Falls, ID

Parachuting with a purpose: BASE jumping to raise funds for brain injury research

Parachuting with a purpose: BASE jumping to raise funds for brain injury research

Friday, May 26 - 22 Jumps: Traumatic Brain Injury Speaker Series

22 Jumps Fundraiser

Group to parachute with a purpose

Saving veterans one jump at a time

Fourth annual 22 Jumps held at Camelback Mountain to bring awareness to suicide among veterans

Group to parachute with a purpose

BASE jumping nonprofit returns to Camelback for traumatic brain injury solutions fundraiser

3 Events Spotlight Veteran Research On Traumatic Brain Injuries

Dinner for Traumatic Brain Injury Solutions

2022 NEWS

Blue skies, great weather enjoyed at Bridge Day’s return

Bridge Day return is a smash hit

Blue skies, fun greet Bridge Day attendees

U.S. Army Parachute Team makes history with first B.A.S.E. jumps at Bridge Day

Bridge Day 2022

22 Jumps Kicks Off Bridge Day

Bridge Day returns after two-year absence

“22 Jumps” Raises Awareness for Veteran Suicide

Twin Falls ID Memorial Day Veterans BASE Jumping Event Planned

Mesa veteran’s cidery raising money for brain injury research

Good Morning Arizona


2021 NEWS

After traveling around the world, brothers take their final base jump together

‘We lost’: Some U.S. veterans say blood spilled in Afghanistan was wasted

Veteran Tristan Wimmer memorializes his fallen brothers and sisters with 22 BASE jumps

Former Marine will base jump off Perrine Bridge 22 times

BASE jumpers flying off Camelback Mountain 22 times to bring awareness to veteran suicides

Former Marine BASE jumping to raise awareness for veteran suicide

Organization raising awareness of veteran suicide rates by BASE jumping off Camelback Mountain

Parachuting with a Purpose: Local US Marine Corps Veteran BASE Jumps to Raise Awareness of Veteran Suicide

Parachuting with a Purpose: Former Marine to BASE Jump 22 Times to Bring New Hope to Individuals and Families Affected by TBI and Suicide.

2020 NEWS

Marine veteran does 22 base jumps off Camelback Mountain for suicide awareness

Alum BASE Jumps for Veterans’ Suicide Awareness

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